Is This Really the Bluesman Robert Johnson? (Article)

Is this a photo of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson with Johnny Shines?

The deal was done at a crossroads.

There, according to legend, the bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for otherworldly musical prowess — guitar playing, singing and songwriting that would make him an idol, still studied and revered almost 80 years after his death.

Zeke Schein came to a crossroads, too, when he bought an old photo that he believes is only the third known image of Johnson. Johnson’s family, a prominent forensic expert and musicians who’ve been transformed by the bluesman’s recordings agreed with Mr. Schein. But skeptics questioned the likeness, the date — even Mr. Schein’s motives…


Words by Mark Bussell
(Via The New York Times)


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Is This Really the Bluesman Robert Johnson? (Article)