The True Story of Nintendo’s Most Coveted Game (Article)

Stadium Events NES Cartridge

The orthodontist wanted the game, more than any other of the thousands he’d already accrued. He’d daydreamed about what Stadium Events would look like inside the display case in his basement game room, the fulfillment it would give him.

The only orthodontist in Bedford, Indiana, Tod Curtis was 41, with a wife and two kids, and well-liked in the small town. He had a free arcade in the front room of his practice. Like many children of the ’80s, he cherished the NES and kept a spreadsheet with the names of every game made for it, all 750-plus of them. Stadium Events was the last one he needed.

In 2008, he wrote “Hooray!” in the margin after buying a cartridge for $1,475, but when he placed this game alongside his others, the joy it brought was fleeting. So a few years later, he found a second copy on eBay, winning it for $11,518.19. This one was in good shape, a cartridge in its original box with a single glaring cut running down its back, missing only the instruction manual. But, again, something nagged at him…


Words by Justin Heckert
(Via ESPN The Magazine)


Curtis was born on the flat lands of Corsicana and raised in the sweaty jungles of Houston. He lives in Austin and can usually be found in the stacks at Central Library or swimming laps at Deep Eddy Pool.

The True Story of Nintendo’s Most Coveted Game (Article)